Monday, March 1, 2010

Ah February is over. Somehow the first day of March always makes me feel good, like we're getting closer to warm weather and vacation. Y'know, even if we aren't.

I've been wanting to make a list for awhile now so I figured I would make one of my top 10 most played songs recently. I'm always looking for good music so if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know. These aren't in any order, I just typed as they came to mind.

10. Heaven Can Wait-Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck
9. Walk On-U2
8. Hearing Damage-Thom Yorke
7. Bonfire-Third Eye Blind
6. Imma Be-BEP (don't laugh)
5. You Only Live Once-The Strokes
4. Obladi Oblada-The Beatles
3. One Headlight-The Wallflowers
2. Imagine-John Lennon
1. Sunday Morning-Velvet Underground


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