Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good bye, Ruby Tuesday

Today started out pretty bad but got better. Left campus in a terrible snowstorm to have lunch with my parents. Always a fun time :) The snow's supposed to keep coming (when I say snow, I mean blizzard) until 7 pm tomorrow night so no class for me tomorrow! That made me immensely happy.

Enough about me.

I love these pictures of Mia Wasikowska. Yes, they're from Teen Vogue and yes, I still read Teen Vogue. I absolutely love her hair and wish I was brave enough to cut mine that short. I adore the black dress she's wearing in the first picture as well. AND I cannot wait for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Mkay, I think that's it for today. Have a great night everyone!


  1. So, I found your blog on lookbook...and decided I'd follow it! :)
    -I still read Teen Vogue
    -I can't wait for Alice either!
    -AND I adore short hair. I did it once, and it was alright but I'm growing it out again. I missed my length after a while!
    P.S. I love your looks :)

  2. found you on lookbook and love your blog ;o)

    i also wish i had the courage to shear my hair off like that!

    love + luck + bliss,

  3. Thank you! I really cannot wait to use those plates for dinner parties. :)

  4. I still read teen vogue
    the outfits are a lot more buyable
    and it always tells me about the best bands around :)